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Ppq 45 issue.

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Hi all, I've recently bought a ppq m2 45. I like the gun very much. I shot it about as well as a 9mm. Feels gr8 in my hand though, I put a rubber grip on due to it being a bit slick. So, I put roughly 280 rounds through it so far. Mostly 230 gr Winchester white box fmj and American eagle 230 grain fmj. About 100 rounds of my defense load, 230gr +p federal hst. And various other hollow points.
I had a bad habit of thumbing the slide release and locking the slide open. I have medium sized hands. Its never an issue with other guns that have smaller slide stops. I'm trying to retrain myself, not a big deal. However. I had the last round jump out of the mag landing on the ground unfired at least 4 times in all that shooting. I blamed it on me locking the slide back before last round chambered. Though I'd think it would stay in the mag anyway. The last time it happend I was pretty sure I didnt bump the slide. I've been keeping my thumb flagged up. I believe it's one mag not the other. But I'm out of shooting ammo. I will buy more Monday paying closer attention to which mag is which.

So, does anybody have any other ideas that may cause this? Thanks.
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If you think it's one mag, load it up and shoot with one hand. Don't worry about accuracy. Make sure you're using a firm grip.

As far as "bumping" the slide lock, I do that too sometimes and not just with my PPQ, but with my M&P, and Sig. Almost guaranteed to happen if I shoot a 1911 first as I ride the safety.

Did you by it new? Are the mags new (if bought separately)?
Yep, bought it new. If it's one mag not the other, no big. Or it could be me hitting slidd stop maybe. I feel its not the gun. To bad ammo is so damn expensive. I dont want to open my emergency ammo cans so I will have to wait to buy more.
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