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PPQ .22 fixed rear sight

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Hi all. looking for options if there is any, for a fixed rear sight for my PPQ .22.

I have been told the m&p .22 sights are the same, and dawson makes some fixed options for the m&p .22 but don't want to buy them until i confirm.

anyone know if those will fit, if any others will fit, or if any company makes PPQ .22 specific rear sights? thanks in advance.
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I have seen that thread. i am looking for something that will fit right in. i have no skills to fit/sand/dremel that one. lol
Neither do I. I just figured it out as I went along. And that's your only two options for replacing sights: either something springloaded like the Trijicon HDs for the striker PPQ (not availablle for the PPQ 22), or press-fitted.
do you think i could put that m&p sight in and not file off the edges? would be like a charging handle. lol.

does it come with the set screw to hold the sight in place? i got mad and threw all of my original sight away
I don't remember if it came with the set screw. It's really held in place by tension, as in, I used a rubber mallet to hammer it in. Probably could have used a sight pusher, but I already had the mallet.

I meant to leave the edges on, for charging handle purposes, but they're really sharp, especially around the corners, and not large enough to use as grippy bits.
i would be scared to "hammer" in a sight on an aluminum slide
Then take it to a gunsmith before you generate a new problem.

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If you are determined to tackle it yourself, it isn't rocket surgery to file off the ears; Lyman makes a brass hammer with a brass drift for tapping such things in and out.
Cold blue will let you color the filed edges of the sight; the usual rule is to drift the sight in from the left.
If you're really afraid of making a mess of it, listen to Mike.
I wish there were drop in sights available, but I haven't found any. The gun just isn't popular enough. I rarely see one for sale and had to ask the LGS to order mine for me.

I'm living with the factory sights (the set screw was stripped on mine so it had to go back to Walther). POI=POA now so I haven't messed with it.
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