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First post to this forum.

Just wanted to put out a brief range report for the Walther PPKS Flying Tiger .380 which I just picked up last weekend at the gun show.  It was $600 odt.

I only fired 100 rounds thru it. I felt I did not really need to do any more that than that. First, the gun came as dry as a bone. I took it apart and gave it a through oiling. I used Winchester .380 in the 100 round box that I got a Wal-mart. Target ammo that seemed to have sort of flat nosees. The first round had a mis-feed, but there were no others
Seemed to be totally reliable - so I consider myself really lucky given the experiences others have reported.

A couple of notes. It did not like to have the round chambered by just opening the slide and dumping the round it. I wanted the round to be fed from the magazine for some reason. Maybe this will go away after more rounds. It seemed that if I tried to do it any other way, it would not really let the slide go all the way forward and it would lock up the entire gun.

I received it with two mags. One had a flat butt plate and the other had a finger guide. I found that the mag with just the flat butt plate was totally reliable. The mags with the finger guide often did not lock in properly and would just fall out after the first shot or would not feed because it was not fully locked in place. I'm goona toss the one with the finger guide unless I can find a new butt plate for it.

I also found that after 100 rounds, the wood grips loosened. A bit of Loctite blue should cure that.

Recoil on this gun is a bit more than I expected. Even though the extended beaver tail prevents your hand from being cut up (between the thumb and first finger) it was really sore and red after 50 rounds. Not a bit deal, just annoying.

Accuracy was not anthing to write home about, about what I expected. Good enough for a pocket gun. Just don't expect to make head shots at 25 feet.

Single action trigger pull was exceptable. Double action pull is a bit much - but I think that is a good feature of a pocket gun myself.

It was easy to clean too.

I am just really happy that it did not have any misfeads. So I believe it is reliable enough for concealment purposes.  Overall, pretty happy with it. A nice pocket gun.


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Fortunately, your gun doesn't like to be loaded through the ejection port, it is actually bad for the extractor.

The proper way to prep the chamber for +1 carry is to do it through the magazine, just like you would normally chamber a round.  The gun is made to work this way.  Naturally, you can then return the magazine to full capacity.

I have a PPK/S which I love!  I've not had any problems with it as of yet.  About 300 winchesters and 10 or so hydrashoks without a hiccup.

Enjoy your new pistol, and great picture, very sexy. Thanks for the range report. I'm sure you have years of great service ahead of you.


P.S.  with mine, I think head shots are entirely possible at 25 feet.  25 yards, that's another monster altogether!

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DON"T load thru ejection port. load from mag only. PPK/s need to be broken in before the work really good. A 25'your PPK/s should be shooting one ragged hole .PPK/s are known for their accuracy. My SS Interarms is 20+ years old and is my daily carry 90% of the time Because its accurate,relieable,and feels good in my hand. I carry CorBon 90grHP for SD and win. for target. I belive you and pistol just need to get use to each other and things will inprove.
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