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I see a lot of old ppk but not like mine. I have a stamp on the side of mine RZ ... what does this mean... it is old and I have paper work for it that my grandad had from the war ... thanks for any info
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Probably RZM, not RZ. Photos will help confirm.

You can do further research on the subject but let me tell you that your PPK is desirable. I'm sure more that a few on here would like to see pictures of it.
Ooo 90 degree safety...
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Are the magazines marked in any way and are there any other markings on the slide? What about the holster?
I think it’s a crown over n and both clips match numbers I’ll have to look again ... it’s the very first marking I have looked that up before
Maybe you could contrive to smear some oil on that gun.

Whatever you do, DO NOT put steel wool, Naval Jelly, or anything like that on it.

Please take some pictures of the numbered magazines if they are indeed numbered. Any other matching serial numbers near the muzzle on the front of the slide?
And I oiled it it been in safe for years I shot it twice and put it up
Are the magazines numbered on the spine?
i don't see any just walther on bottom
Ok then. You have a RZM pistol. When you said that the magazines were numbered, it opened up other possibilities.
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