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PPK with RAD XVI marked slide

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This is a first for me. RAD 16 was Westfalen-Nord. Not much other info nor any examples Ive been able to research. Any info would be appreciated.


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A better view. The crown N proofs are slide, frame and barrel. The mags are Walther marked, but no serial number markings. Bore is mirror, small hairline cracks in grip at screw bushing and top center rear of grip.
Holster maker is AKRAM.


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I have recorded a few others on other sites. No consistent application of markings is apparent. Would you share the serial number? I think the holster is marked Akah/DRGM?
Thanks Joe,
Your correct about the Holster. It's a DRGM/akah. The Ser# range is 21933x K
I believe it's 1937-38 production. Any other info provided is appreciated.
The RAD could also stand for Reichsarbeitsdienst or Reich Labor Service.
Thanks Redcat. That is correct.
The other two are totally different in marking from yours. One Arbeitsgau number is on the front grip strap, the other marked just RAD on the frame. One .22, the other 7.65mm. No apparent serial range. One in the 214xxxK range, the other in the 238xxxK.
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