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PPK/S to PPK conversion?

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Still going through the archives and I don't recall seeing this question addressed yet. Can a PPK/S frame potentially be machined into a PPK frame or roughly the dimensions needed to accommodate the PPK magazine and hammer strut?

I have a gunsmith buddy who is also always looking for interesting projects and challenges and this idea popped into my head as I examine the frames of the PPK and PPK/S for a possible future project for him. Before I approach him with the idea, I figured I'd run it by the experts and see if they can identify any potential issues that I may have overlooked.

PPK/S's are by far easier to obtain than a PPK. So I figured for the project, a heavily used Interarms or Ulm PPK/S would be obtained at a reasonable price. From what I am estimating, the procedure would be a general 3 step process (fine tuning and fitting aside).

Now obviously for this process, extreme care and exact measurements would be needed in certain areas. If undertaken I would give him an Ulm PPK frame for measurements and guidance as this appears to be the best design to pull this off.

Step 1 would be to cut straight up along the back side of the mag well and accross the underside of the tang to remove the back strap to the general dimensions of the PPK grips on the PPK frame.

Step 2 would be to add the cut in for the mainspring seat. The back side of the mag well appears to be thicker on the PPK/S than the PPK.

The final general step (minus fitting and finishing) would be to shorten the grip to the dimensions of the PPK to accommodate the smaller magazine.

Now the one potential issue that I see with this is is that the front and back of the mag well will no longer be connected by metal. However; as I stated before, the rear mag well appears to be thicker on the PPK/S. Do you think that it will be able to handle the mainspring stresses? The cut for the mainspring doesn't appear to go more than 1/3 of the way into the rear side of the mag well on the PPK. Could some welding be done to add metal that was removed if necessary?

Again, this is all hypothetical for now, but if potentially possible, I might approach my smith with the idea down the road. Any thoughts besides why, abomination, and you're crazy?
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No. A, it wouldn't work, B, it would cost as much as an entire PPK frame, and C, it's stupid.
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Hey, at least he didn't say you're crazy. :D

I'm thinking about taking my machinist a block of 4340 steel and a PPQ frame. I'm wondering what he'd charge to scan in all the dimensions of a PPQ frame, feed all that into the CNC machine and whoop out a steel copy of the PPQ frame.

Yes, I've been called crazy....its OK.
I'm also saying no.
See,I'm a precision machinist/gauges maker, tool & die maker,and maybe you can get old/beaten up frames cheap,but you have to pay the newest prices for that kind of work.
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Cheaper to buy a PPK...
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Keep looking for a PPK. They're out there... Just be vigilant.
I own several PPK's. That's not an issue. I mearly seek to explore new possibilities, pose new questions, and play devil's advocate from time to time.
Sorta pointless when the first thing most people want to do with a PPK is shove a finger-rest magazine in it. Why not just use a flat bottom magazine in a PPK/s and get the same result?


P.S. Actually, I take that back. The advantage of the PPK frame is that one can shape custom grips to any backstrap contour he likes.
FEG had an interesting take on the PPK. Their PPK knockoffs (SMC380, AP22 etc.) retained the solid back strap. The frame was shortened forward of the back strap enough to take a smaller magazine. I don't know if the back strap itself was shortened or not.
SMC-380 Hungarian Weapons Femaru FEG Pistols

Might be a simpler way to go about it.
I own a FEG PPK/E and have shot others. The grips feel like a slightly modified PPK/S. For all the crap people give them about being a cheaper alternative to Walther's, I'm impressed with the way mine was done. It has an extremely positive firing pin strike and the internals of the frame are well done. All of the rough spots in Ulm, and Interarms frames are smoothed out in my PPK/E. I find it hard to believe that it was actually made cheaper.
If he’s just looking for a “project” just to see if it can be done then have fun. Can’t find any “Value” in doing it other than to test the machining skills.
Some of those machining require special tooling.Lots of set up time.....
Its fine for those long winter days.Another hobby.
I like to cook with wine,sometimes I put some in the food too.
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Well, a pile of iron ore will eventually get you a PPK. If he wants to put that much time, energy and money into converting a PPK/s into a PPK, go for it.

Might see if he can convert a S&W Model 10 into a Government Model while you’re at it.
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