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PPK/S - One better than another?

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I am looking at used PPK/S's in .380 and I was wondering if one MFGR was better than another MFGR such as Interarms or any of the other licenses MFGRs of the PPK/S?

There is one that I have looked at but it was very hard to rack the slide...even harder than my Ruger American .45...the pistol was very dry so I assume some lubrication would help this but not sure if that is par for the course with these guns or not. This gun in particular looks like someone tossed it into their glove compartment and it rattled around in there for years so tit is priced accordingly.

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I find my PPK/S (1978 Ulm) is the most difficult to rack of all the guns I have, thanks to the stout (.380 ACP) recoil spring, the tiny serrations and the safety lever in the way.
Try cocking the hammer, then rack the slide.
Kar is spot on; the .380s have a stout recoil spring, because they are blowback,, not locked breech like your Ruger.
Who made your (prospective) pistol? Tell us more.
Try cocking the hammer, then rack the slide.

This is what I do on my PPK/S too. I also do this with my full size Colt 1911 before chambering a round. I know it's probably not a safe practice, but as long as you have good trigger finger discipline and you're pointed in a safe direction, it's fine. It's way smoother doing it this way than it is when the hammer is down and trying to rack it that way.
For the OP, I would suggest that Walther = Manurhin > Interarms (Ranger) >>> S&W (even assuming a recall fix, I dislike how the extended beaver tail ruins the classic profile).

For my money, go with a Manurhin unless you want stainless, then it is Interarms. For the best of both worlds, I would get a Manurhin in the Durgarde hard chrome finish (if you are fortunate anough to find one). Oh, never mind, I did exactly that :)
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... For the best of both worlds, I would get a Manurhin in the Durgarde hard chrome finish (if you are fortunate anough to find one). Oh, never mind, I did exactly that :)
Geo', God does hate a braggart! ;)

And I'm jealous.
For the OP, Geo's ranking is the accepted order of preference.
You will need to define your term of "better". Are you looking for one that is machined the best and a work of art, one that has the smoothest trigger pull, or most reliable? Each generation has its ups and downs.
Sorry in the very late response to this. With the holidays and everything going on I completely forgot about this and actually the following week when I went back to look at the gun and get more info to post, it was gone already. As far as what I meant by 'better", I was wondering if one model was better in terms of function and less issues such as feeding issues, picky on what ammo is used, etc.
Each walther is unique and you will need to experiment with what ammo feeds well as the original design did not take hollow point ammunition into account. They also like hotter loads to cycle the action. Human error like soft grip or limp wristing also contributes to problems.
I find that if I rack the slide with the decocker/safety in the down position, I can get a tab more purchase (with less pain) on the gripping serrations. In 380 ACP, I've owed the ULM and S&W versions of the PPKS. Both were reliable and great shooters. I don't like the look of the S&W tang, but find it helpful during extended shooting sessions as it mitigates slide bite if I let my grip get high. I tend to start gripping high at about 50 rounds given the stout recoil of the 380 ACP in a blow back pistol. Given the stout recoil, I've switched from the PPKS pistol to a Glock 42 pistol to deliver the 380 ACP. I've found the Glock 42 to be the best shooting PPK/PPKS sized pistol I've experienced. For me, it's a PPK to deliver the 32 ACP and the Glock 42 to deliver the 380 ACP.

PS: I also find I tend to get less slide bite using flat bottom mags as they allow me to curl my little finder under the grip. With the extended mags, I tend to get sloppy and start to grip high.
No argument here about the G42. Same size as a PPK, lighter, much more pleasant to rack and shoot, and it even feels good in the hand. And far less fastidious in its eating habits.

A 42 and a .32 Walther is a great combo.
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