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PPK/S - falling safety lever

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The gun is a USA-made, Interarms stamped PPKS of unknown date. I have a loaded magazine inserted and a round is chambered. The gun is decocked and ready to fire in double-action. I squeeze the trigger for the first shot, the gun fires, the slide recoils, **the safety lever FALLS which allows the gun to decock causing the hammer to fall back to a decocked state**.

To shoot again, I have to move the safety lever back up to the fire position. I'm noticing that there is extremely little resistance felt on the safety lever. It moves way too easy and can fall back down. Positioning the lever again up and squeezing another round off, the above process is repeated.

Any relatively easy fix or back to the mother ship?
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I have just had the same problem. Check the condition of the safety drum plunger that seats in to the safety drum. If the point on the plunger is worn, or rounded it may not be fully in gaging into the safety drum detent hole. Also the spring that connects the safety drum plunger and the extractor plunger may be weak. I called Earls and bought the complete assemble, both plungers and spring. I also polished the section of the safety drum that contacts the hammer when the slide recoils and goes into battery. Don't remove any metal just polish the drum to make it slide over the hammer more smoothly. So far this has worked for me.
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Update: spoke to Conner at Walther Support and he had me look closer at the extractor after confirming it was an Interarms gun. Sure enough, the extractor wasn’t sitting right. I won’t pretend to completely understand but somehow the extractor coming loose was related to the safety lever like BMWD was mentioning.

Net here is that I’m sending in this slide as well as my SS PPKS slide (has a broken rear site). Both are warranty. Wow. I’d like to see other firearms companies take care of customers this way. Esp for 43 y/o guns.
I had the same problem with my Interarms PPK... Solved it by replacing the spring that goes between the extractor and the safety drum. That, btw, is why a loose extractor is part of the problem - it is "connected" to the safety drum.

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... I called Earls and bought the complete assemble, both plungers and spring. ...
May we ask how much the spring and both plungers cost, all in?

So why Interarms specifically? Seems like this is an underlying theme since Walther CS asked right off. Was there a redesign around this time because of this known issue?
Back from Walther CS almost two weeks including ship date. Amazing fast.

Took her to the range to put it through it’s paces since I haven’t really had a chance to really get to know this gun well. Noting now the mag drops randomly. I’ve seated them and then gently pulled on it to test it was secure, shot a round or two or 5 and the mag drops out in to my shooting palm. Positive I’m not hitting the mag release since I have aftermarket wood grips and need to shift it in my hand significantly to reach it plus I was hyper focused on the issue once it happened the 2nd time. Out of 32 rounds, the mags (either new MecGar and OEM Walther) dropped 4-5 times.

Called Walther CS and they pretty much didn’t hesitate and asked me to send it back in.
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