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Yours is an interesting problem....

Sounds as if the culprit could be the "hammer release" in the frame. This part sits on the left side of the hammer and trips the sear when you lower the safety.

If this has a burr or is hanging up, it could be interfering with the frame mounted cocking piece and causing the "hitch" in your DA pull.

I would unload the piece and field strip the pistol and make sure the "hammer release" moves freely next to the hammer. A very small drop of break free might help. If all seems well then I would reassemble and try the drill again and see if there is any improvement.

If its been a while (or never ) since you cleaned the frame, while the pistol is field stripped, flush the area around the hammer with "gun scrubber" then a drop of lube and reassemble.Take the grips off for this as gunscrubber can be tough on plastic!

I would do the same with the safety in the slide, make sure it rotates freely. I would strongly advise against any further disassembly, since it's unlikely to be more revealing than a visual check.

If after all this cleaning regime, the pistol still doesn't fuction normally - get it to a 'smith or Smith & Wesson. Walthers are pretty straight forward pistols, easy to fix - but be sure to preserve your lifetime warrenty, and if a smith can't spot the trouble at a glance - off to the factory.
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