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PPK/S carry ammo

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To those that carry a PPK/S and want to make large holes.

10% Ballistic Gelatin Tests for:
Corbon .380 80 gr DPX

Testing Platform:
Walther PPK

Four Layers of Denim


Round # 1:
Penetration: 7.50”
Recovered Weight: 81.0 gr.
Expansion*: .725 cal.
Velocity: 1085 fps

* Expansion measured at widest point.

Calibration BB Data:
596.9 fps.
3.625 pen.

Since almost all Civ shootings are face to face I'm not as concerned about penteration numbers. These are in line with most other HP on market. Just food for the mind. my informal testing of 45 DPX has been every round opens and looks like one before it Haven't seen that with anyother HP. .725 is a hole people
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No doubt it carried a little piece along with it Remember these rounds are copper no jackets to shed. They just open into a nice pedal like a flower. Except for bullet size I can't tell difference between 380 or 45 open in pictures. Also my 45'sDPX have opened just like pictured.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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