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Took my S&W PPK to the range today, third trip with it. 300 rounds through it now. During the first two trips, I put 20 rounds of Federal Self Defense JHP ammo through it and had no problems at all. Today, gun was cleaned after last range trip and oiled well before I left today, 3 of 10 rounds of the above Federal ammo didn't climb up the feed ramp and the slide didn't close. Just a touch of pressure to the rear of the slide and the round went home and the slide closed. This was a surprise because there were no problems with the first 20 rounds of the Federal ammo; I suspect the gun just needs to be broken in a little more. It has handled Remington, Winchester, and MagTech hardball with 100% reliability. This little gun gets better every trip; the accuracy amazes me. Today, I shot the center out of a playing card, ace of clubs, at 15 feet, no problem, no misses, lots of fun.

I read in this month's issue of Gun Tests that they had a problem with their test PPK in double action (DA) mode. They suspect that the hammer spring is too light on their test gun and that caused, about 30% I seem to recall, some of the DA shots to not ignite. So far, my PPK has been 100% reliable in DA mode.

I really like this gun a lot. I'm thinking about getting another one; one of them will be for ccw and the other will be for the range only - no holster wear on it.
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