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Maybe someone out there can help me.
I have a Walther PPK my Father brought back from WW-II (have papers)
The left slide is marked with WALTHER Waffenfabrik Walther,Zella-Mehlis(THUR.) Walther's Patent Cal. 7,65m/m PPK
The right slide and chamber are both marked with the crown over N
The right frame is marked 227223K. The butt has a rectangular lanyard ring right in back of the magazine
. The magazine is flat and has a flatblue/black finish marked WALTHER.
The grip is one piece, brown marked WALTHER (chipped and cracking)
The magazine release button serations are partially rubbed off.
The finish on the frame and slide are about 80% with light scratches (no machine marks) looks to be a pre-war manufacture finished with great care.
I'm trying to get a fix on it's manufacture date and just for "grins" a ballpark $ guestimate(I know. Show us a picture) I haven't figured out how to do that yet.
My Father carried it as a backup when he was a police officer and I carried it as a back up or primary when I was a PI. (fat chance I'll ever sell it)

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go post there in the PPK (war/prewar) section of the Forum and they will give you a pretty good idea
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