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Quote[/b] (dougmac @ Dec. 15 2003,11:15)]Again Devin thanks for the info. I am probably going to sell it. I am trying to purchase a new sporting clays shotgun and something needs to go before I bring something else to the house. I have never sold a handgun before and am trying to figure out the correct legal way to do it.
Thanks Dougmac
Depending upon the State in which you reside you maybe able to do a face to face sale without going through any government paperwork. An out-of-state sale will require that you send the firearm to an FFL, for transfer to the buyer.

Check out the BATFe web page for answers to your questions (it is actually quite user friendly).

I have a PPK in the 230XXXK range, with the crown over N proof marks, so I would concur with P88 that your pistol was most likely produced in 1939.

Does your pistol have a loaded chamber indicator? Are there any cracks in the grips? (most likely places are around grip screws and in the rear [web area between thumb and index finger]). A fine sets of grips alone will bring $200.

The value of the pistol depends on numerous conditions, not least of which is the motivation of the buyer.

Good luck on your sale.
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