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I am new to the whole forum thing and know little to nothing about Walther pistols. However, I am trying to research an older PPK. The story I was told about it is that it was taken off a German officer and brought home as a trophy gun. I have no idea how to track down, if possible, if this is true or even in the realm of possibility. it looks old and has an old leather holster with it that holds one magazine and appears to be what one might expect an officers holster to look like??? All the links to serial number tracing I have found don't seem to work with the format of the serial number on the gun I am speaking of. The serial number on the gun in question is 259952 K. It has a blue finish with a brown plastic handle on the frame. I don't see any of the proofing marks that I also saw mentioned anywhere on the gun.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

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Matt you posted this in the wrong section...a moderator can move it to the PP and TP Series section.

While you haven't given us a lot to consider, serial numbers with a k suffix are associated with war time weapons.

Images of your Walther and its holster will help, caliber as well (found on the left side of the weapon (opposite the side with the ejection port).

I'm thinking you may have a 7.65 PPK manufactured in 1941 with Bakelite grips.

Do not store it in the holster as leather retains moisture and can cause rusting. Be careful of those grips as they can become brittle with age and easily crack.

If you plan upon shooting it I'd suggest having a competent gunsmith look i over first.
Past that, I'll repeat why not post some images and let the real experts will opine on what you have.

Welcome to the Forums.
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