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Must have went quick. I was just there about a week ago and did not see it.
Unless it wasn鈥檛 on display...

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When in doubt, put a couple bucks on it and have them hold it? A local shop will do that (but they have seen a bunch of my money).

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Drat, that store is not all that far from me.


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Oh, no. If that was the Dundee, MI store, that was my pistol. I sold it for various reasons. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I received far less from them than if I had tried online or elsewhere.
I fear to ask what They sold it for.
Well. There it is. I've nominated myself for "Idiot of the Week" a few times prior, so perhaps I should do that again.
For the record, it was in perfect condition.

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In another forum, it was asked "what was the pistol that you have carried the most?"

My answer was the Walther PP Super, followed by the Benelli B-76. Almost interchangeably, they were that good.

I notice that interest in the PP Super is still strong. But I also notice that in gunbroker.com mags go now from $179.00-$249.00.

If anyone is interested in purchasing mags, please allow me to suggest that you purchase them from Italy. Besides the language difference (if you don't speak Italian---Capisce!) the only other "hassle" is waiting a couple of weeks for it to clear NY.

If you don't speak Italian, don't worry too much. Quite a few sellers do know English and appreciate the opportunity to practice it. Do this, when you contact them start with "Ciao" or "Salve!" and then ask them respectfully if they speak English (in English). Or "Parla Inglese?".

Take a look at the following: https://www.armiusate.it/armi-corte...orte/caricatore-walther-pp-super-9x18_i544965

If anybody needs me to guide him through the process, send me a message. I now check this forum almost daily.

And as always: Buyer Beware.

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good to see you back sir

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PP Supers are great guns, and Jimbo80 is correct - 9x18 Ultra ammo is no big deal to locate online or by special order through your LGS. The .380 Supers remain scarce, with only a couple per year showing up on GB, and typically selling in the $1,100-$1,400 range. Those chambered in 9x18 sell for more like $500-$900, owing to more copies of police-surplus pistols ranging from fair to like-new condition.

Incidentally, Jimbo80鈥檚 example link to that GB auction is also an object lesson in how not to photograph a pistol that you actually want to sell, unless you are intentionally trying to obscure its defects ;)
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