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PP problems

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I have a old PP`s in .22lr, most of the time it does not work in double action. There is only a weak hit on the rim of the cartridge.
In single action it fires as it should be but some times the hammers follows the slide forward. A round is in the chamber but the hammer is down.

What can I do to fix this? Is it hard/expensive so I should look for another gun?
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I'd think about replacing the hammer spring for the light primer hits. I'm not sure what the standard response is for having the slide riding forward, but it seems its not unheard of. I know there's been at least one reference to it on the forum in the last month or so, including the actions that fixed it.
I have found a Wolff spring kit to cure this in my pre-War PP in .22 lr. Also my pistol works best with the CCI Stinger.

I also find the PP feeds better if you drop the rounds loaded in the magazine to 7.
What springs are included in the kit? Can you give me a number on the kit?
It's been awhile since I purchased the kit, I believe you get just therecoil and hammer springs. You can also order them seperately. Wolff is a pretty good outfit to deal with and you can order over the phone with plastic.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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