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My new DDR PP

Picked up one of the East German Walther PP clones at a gun show last weekend. The original DDR P1001-0 pistols were manufactured in the 1950's for issue to the DDR police. Many of these pistols later had "ac" and "zella-mehlis" added to the slide and were imported to the USA. Whether these "fake" markings were added to fool collectors or simply meet US C&R import rules is debatable.

Unlike the 1950's surplus P1001 pistols this one appears to have been manufactured from spare parts - like the "new" condition Australian .303 Enfields that were imported back in the 80's. This explains the low "00006" serial number and new wood grips on my gun.

While the P1001's may not be "real" Walthers...they were made in Germany using the WWII tooling, diagrams, and even some parts. That's close enough for me... :D


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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