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I have a pistol and I do not have any idea what it is!?

It looks like a PA-63, two-tone alloy frame. On the slide is the following: On the left side - "Selbstlade-Pistole Cal 9 Walther's Patent" with the Walther logo below it; on the right/ejection side is a serial number "N 10427" (the number is also on the grip below the trigger guard); the following markings are on the left side next to the trigger: .87; a shield with two wavey lines through the center with a "N" at the top; a circle with a "M" in it; and a marking shape similar to a heart with an "I" in the center. There are no other markings on the pistol. I was told it was a .380. Any ideas. Thanks.
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Makarov/FEG link

It definitely looks like a FEG.  I believe the frame is actually an Aluminum alloy to reduce weight.  The two-tone thing isn't a big deal a lot of FEG's were made without the frame receiving a finish.  There are a few variants besides the PA-63.  I'm not really up on them but there are several possibilities including the FEG AP9 and FEG PMK.  FEG also makes the SMC (but the slide is wrong) and the Mark II AP and APK (although this one's grip curves too much).  

Sorry I can't shed any light on the markings.  The only reason that I can think of for the Walther logo and patent is so it could be properly exported from Hungary to Germany since it is using Walther's design.

Good luck-
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