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As some of you may know from reading this forum, I recently bought a Semi-Drop in "ported" Extended Barrel form Barsto.
I had several problems with the barrel, fitting it to my Walther .40 P-99 and sent it to the company for fitting or repairs. Then I ran into additional problems with the company and to make a long story short they sent back the barrel and my slide saying nothing was wrong.

My two main problems were.......Accuracy---the barrel produced a flyer on the first shot from each magazine and,

Bullet jamming---- shooting the Speer Gold Dot 180gr JHP's the gun would jam on every other magazine or so.......

After careful, painstaking, tiny adjustments........ I can now report this gun is in it's groove! It took several attempts to get the feed ramp of the Bar-sto barrel identical to the factory barrel's feed ramp and after each adjustment the stainless steel barrel was polished to a "mirror" finish. Now the gun will eat the Gold dot ammo flawlessly.

Next tiny adjustments to barrel were made until the flyer disappeared from it's grouping.

Now.....at 25 feet on an indoor range......combat stance....I can fire 5 rounds ( Speer GDJHP 180gr.) into the ONE inch bulls eye on a Thompson Yellow-Fire man size target. I had people at the range stop their firing to come and stand behind me to see what I was shooting. I have yet to bench fire this weapon.........and would not be surprised that at this same distance, all 5 rounds would probably go through a single hole.

I continued my shooting increasing my speed until I was firing at a rate of about one round per second out of each loaded magazine. All 50 rounds from one box of ammo hit inside the ten ring on this target at the 25 foot distance. For those of you that have never used this brand of target--the 10 ring is a 2" circle.

The ported barrel made this accuracy possible , in my opinion, as the muzzle flip is reduced quite a bit firing the hot Gold Dot ammo. Also the tolerances of the chamber in this barrel
are very tight.

I had a feeling, this combination would work---- I just was not sure I was going to be able to do it. I am not a gunsmith. But I was a special weapon's instructor for many years.....so I knew what "not" to do to the barrel while making adjustments.

Oh, and I stayed at a Holiday Inn the other night........ <smile>

Just thought I would post an update

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