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The sharp-eyed forum member will note that the header under the General Discussion banner was changed this afternoon by the folks who own and run the forum. A PM to the moderators, in response to some of the issues that have been raised here of late by both moderators and members, read, in part, "This is exactly why we don't allow Political or Religious discussions on most of our sites."

Straight politics, which has long been referenced in the forum's rules of engagement, is off limits. Threads related to specific firearms legislation or proposals or whatnot -- the "laws" in the Laws, Complaints, and gun-related generalized bellyaching banner under the General Discussion header -- are OK so long as we all refrain from the round-house, who's-your-momma, in-your-face, party-bashing, hell-to-pay posts that so frequently go up in flames and require a lock-down. If we keep things civil, we should have no problems.

For some extended background on this, you'll be interested in this thread:


Onward and upward.
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