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I got this pistol in a trade. It is nickel or chrome with dark brown Walther grips. Hammer, trigger,extractor, safety and magazine release are gold.

Serial number on frame and slide is 106974. On the barrel visible through the ejection port is an eagle, the number 65 and a branch or antler.

On the left side of the slide is the Walther logo and "Carl Walther Waffenfabrik Ulm/Do. Modell PPK-Cal. 9mm kurz" and the eagle again. Stamped on the frame behind the trigger is "MADE IN WEST-GERMANY".

Can anyone tell me more about this pistol? Mostly I am wondering if it is some sort of collectable. It shoots accurately and functions reliably. I really got it because I always wanted a PPK ( James Bond fan) But actually I would just as soon have it blued. However I don't want to ruin a piece of history.

I would be happy to e-mail photos to anyone who knows about these pistols and is willing to help.


Lou McClellan
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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