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Hi all. So, from the very beginning I have to say that I have no experience in this field but:
Today went with a friend who has two PK380 to try it while he was shooting the other one. As I was curious to see how it works I did as follows:
- Got the magazine in. Loaded one. Took the magazine out. Unloaded to see how the extractor work. Worked fine, gun empty. Didn't pulled the trigger after ejection (might that be the problem...?). Magazine in again. Loaded one again. Wanted to eject it as well I think with the magazine in if I remember correctly. Couldn't move the slide backwards. It was completely stuck in its normal position. I tried with and without the magazine, safety on and off, with an empty magazine, with a loaded one. It just wasn't moving at all.
Is this normal? Is there anything to do to be able to take the round out? Eventually I shot that loaded round with an empty magazine inside and that was it, sliding again but I don't know if anyone else had this problem or if this is actually normal. As I said I have no experience with these little pistols. What if something like this happens at home? You take the gun loaded to unload it somewhere? I mean for my friend no problems living on a pretty big farm but if you live in a flat in the middle of the city...?
Anyway. I would love to hear your answers. Regards.
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