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PK380 on TV

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The main character of the new TV series Whiskey Cavalier was using a PK380 on a recent show. When I saw it I knew it was a Walther of some kind, but didn't know exactly which one until I saw it listed on the site linked below.

They seem to use a lot of different guns, and last night also clearly displayed a M&P (EDIT: 9mm Compact) towards the end of the show. The M&P had the engraving on the slide highlighted, which is not standard.

Not the best "cop show", but interesting at times.

Surprisingly, there is a database of guns in the movies and TV, and it includes this show - Whiskey Cavalier - http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Whiskey_Cavalier

A photo of the gun and the scene is about 1/2 down the page.
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