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Peening on PPK/S

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Thought I'd solicit the advice of those with many more rounds downrange...

I have under 200 rounds of Winchester White Box through my PPK/S. Just breaking it in. I noticed some peening on the block above the trigger guard. The slide is impacting it upon cycling. I noticed it when taking down the handgun, pulling down on the trigger guard (and this block) through the frame.

The peening made it a bit difficult to pull the guard down (the fit is nice and tight on this one). I fixed it by filing the flared sides of the block.

Is this a common thing? I imagine that I could fix it by installing a stiffer spring, but being new, it shouldn't be weak just yet.

Thanks for your thoughts
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If it's new, it must be under warranty. Send it back. It is defective.

If not under warranty, go to an xp rec spring. And keep an eye on it. Closely.

Manual doesn't state that every 200 rounds owner has to file the block because of peening.
I talked to another guy that had the same problem. He filed and radiused the block and had no further problems.

I had considered taking it back, but it sounds like I'd get the same thing in return.

Thanks for the comment.
Just an update. Another 200 rounds down and no more peening problems. Hopefully it was just breaking itself in.
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