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PDP-F 3.5" For Concealed Carry

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I have a PDP-C 4" that is exceptional. Love the firearm but it's clearly a bit bulky for concealed carry during the warmer T-shirt wearing months here in AZ. (More than Half the year)

I haven't had a chance to see or handle the new PDP-F 3.5" so I wanted to ask if anyone who owns one carry's concealed? Or if you've handled one, what are your thoughts? Too bulky?
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I plan to add the PDP-F 3.5 to my rotation of carry in the next few months once I nail down more range sessions with it. I just want to be sure I also have a good light and RMR setup with it before committing it to a custom holster.

I think the PDP-F would be exceptional to carry given the slide has much more beveled edges. I currently carry a P99 with PDP upper and while I don't mind carrying it's like a cheese grater on my holster.
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