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PDP-F 3.5" For Concealed Carry

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I have a PDP-C 4" that is exceptional. Love the firearm but it's clearly a bit bulky for concealed carry during the warmer T-shirt wearing months here in AZ. (More than Half the year)

I haven't had a chance to see or handle the new PDP-F 3.5" so I wanted to ask if anyone who owns one carry's concealed? Or if you've handled one, what are your thoughts? Too bulky?
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Great feedback so far. Thanks. I will carry my PDP-C and see how that goes. the grip length will be the same as PDP-F. Great point. I simply LOVE the trigger and natural printability of the PDP. It has been exceptional hence my flirtation with the 3.5" PDP-F.

All this said, I did just pick up an Sig X-Macro *(17 rds) and it definitely carries smaller than the PDP form factor. The thing is, I largely prefer the PDP trigger and I shoot the PDP quicker and have tighter groups on target at self defense distances. (7-10yrds)
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I handled a PDP F 3.5" at a LGS right next to a 4" PDP-C (15 rd) today. Generally speaking, the PDP F 3.5" is a .5" shorter than PDP-C 4" and the "F" grip shape is slightly subdued compared to the standard PDP. Side-by-side, I would not say the "F" version slide bevels are significantly less than the standard PDP variants. I didn't closely scrutinize the different , but in person it seemed rather small. (IMO) Not sure I can justify the 3.5" PDP F for myself. If I didn't already own the PDP-C 4" maybe I'd choose the shorter 3.5" PDP F. Just my .02 worth.
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