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The finish is durable, but it does scratch easily - but, even if you scratched a large portion, it is still protected by the tennifer - the black coating is just a carbon coating - the tennifer is underneath, and is bonded to the metal.

No, the do not cover the finish under the warranty when it comes to physical wear.

If it bothers U - just get the slide hard chromed. U have a cool 2-tone look. And, unless you scrape it across the cement or scratch it with another piece of metal, U get no wear - Hard chrome is the most durable gun finish there is as far as physical wear is concerned.

I did my P99 compact because of holster wear. Now, after 8 months, not a single mark on the gun. Also did my SW99, and am waiting to get my fullsize P99 slide back right now...

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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