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Yesterday afternoon a couple coworkers and I went out for a few hours to play with our toys.

toys included:

My P99QA and Sig P226
'Trainer's' AR-50, AR-15, Glock model somethingorother .40
Coworkers Browning 9mm

The day started at the range where triangles were drawn on paper plates and human looking cardboard pieces were attached to stakes. When everything was set up the guy who knew what he was doing said 'one round in the X and reholster. Fire!' Turns out I was shooting left, a lot left no less. I adjusted my sites and passed it off to the trainer, he fired off a couple rounds and they were dead on. I did a good job adjusting! After doing that for a couple magazines we went to the fun stuff. Rapid fire of 5 rounds into a 12" pie plate. Only did this for two mags cause it was starting to get dark and rainy.

After that it was more or less play time and the AR-15 and highcap mags were brought out. Squeezed off a couple mags of .223 using a Red Dot device (cool as ####!) and after that helped to sight in the AR-50. Now I've handled big guns before, notibly the M-60 and M-240 B but the AR-50 is a beast of it's own making. I was expecting a monster kick but to my surprise it didn't kick much given it was a .50.

The big question: "ASCI how did you do?" My reply: If I was being assaulted the assaulter would either not be getting back up, or at the very least be having a VERY bad day. I'm only using a 9mm afterall.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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