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Is this an AS trigger? On mine there is nothing I can do to it to bind the trigger or trigger bar, slide off. Press down on the trigger bar, left, right, lifting up does make for a tiny bit more drag. The sear can't be made to bind anything press down or lift up and the DA lever will put pressure against movement of the trigger but the trigger has much more leverage and the pull is smooth. Does the lower leg of the striker appear undamaged? Isn't there an adjustment for the rear end of the trigger bar? Something that times the release. Could it be out of adjustment and the trigger be too far rearward for release of the striker? Like what would happen with an overtravel stop that is preventing the trigger from moving far enough rearward..unless pulled really hard.

Does the sear appear undamaged? Anything that can crack in the rear housing? I haven't studied on the system enough to know what changes between DA and SA. I can pull my striker rearward smoothly although the effort is pretty hard on my tiny fingers. It seems that if DA works fine then movement of the striker should be fine in SA. My trigger does not click at the beginning of the pull, slide off or on. Exactly what changes DA vs SA? 1917

I'll have to study a parts diagram. The AS system has a DA sear right next to the spring...and to the left of that the SA sear and on the far left a decocking sear lever. Am I correct. I have never had an understanding of how the parts actually function. DA would seem to pull the striker rearward before release. What parts do this; trigger, trigger bar, DA sear? In SA, decocked what goes on. The lever on the left has been acted on by the decocker. Any good slow motion graphic, cutaway videos of the interaction of the parts. Could something be cracked in the polymer trigger components? 1917

No exploded diagrams that I can find show any details of the sear housing parts.
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