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P99c Grip extension update

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Well I got mine in today from Germany. KIEI has them for sale but even with overseas shipping I still got mine cheaper. Anyway, it slips over the mag just fine, a little loose but not much and when the mag is inserted it feels just like the full size. I haven't shot with it yet but I can't see anywhere were it would be a problem. I have used my compact with full size mags for USPSA shooting and I haven't had any problems. I can only assume the the grip extensions would just help to further safe guard the ejector/extractor when making a quick mag change...

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Jake, sounds great. Any chance you could post a web-link where to purchase them from?

Thanks folks.

Ordered the last 2 he had. Will report on their fit and function once they arrive.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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