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I currently carry a Karh PM9 on the left ankle (right handed) in a Ken Null holster and its very comfortable. However my PM9 leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I frequently have jamming issues, and other malfunctions. I have looked hard and there are not too many 9mm that can hold at least 8rnds in a decent package for ankle carry.

I have always loved how the P99 and P99c look. I have a couple of LEO friends that carry a Glock 26 on the ankle. I just have never been a Glock fan so i have thought about a P99c as an ankle carry. Do you guys think that it would be too hefty? Does anybody wear their P99c on their ankle?

I know that Kramer leather and Bullman Gunleather make ankle holsters for the P99c. All inputs appreciated. I have even considered the PPS.
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