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Meg-Gar 16 round mag $45. Fobus belt holster $15, paddle $15; Ted Blocker holster for shoulder rig new $50. Don Hume belt slide holster $15, Mag pouch $10; P99 Silhouette pocket knife used $25, new in box $39.95. Shipping will be actual charges on item(s) purchased. P99 not for sale.

Only items remaining available are the fobus holsters, and as I can not use them for duty and really just prefer other holsters over them for concealed carry will be glad to send them to anyone that has a use for them, free. If you find them useful after you get them and want to refund to me the couple of bucks it will probably be for postage, that would be welcome but not necessary. Primarily would just like a fellow P99 enthusiast to get some use out of them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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