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I tried to load my P99 in 9mm with 16 rounds, which is supposed to be its full capacity.
However, when I hand cycled the gun, the slide wont move. It probably wont cycle either if I actually fire the gun with a 16-round load.
After removing the magazine, i noticed that the round on top had a deep gash, probably caused by the slide.
Meantime, I load the magazine to only 15 rounds plus one in the chamber.
Has this happened to anyone else?
Its just doesnt feel right when a gun thats supposed to carry 16 plus 1 can only have 15 plus 1.

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Had the same experience. What I did was to polish the
rail hitting the top of the bullet.The tenifer finish was removed by the process and is now a shining smooth bare metal.
When I tried hand cycling a full 16 round magazine, it worked just fine. I'd carried mine (before) with a full 16 round & another 2-16 round magazine extras.
When I return I'll sure get another PTC for my P99QPQ.I'm from Manila Shooter.
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