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P99 wish list?

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I'm interested in hearing from everyone about what things you wish were available for the P99, but are not in production.

Whether it's an accessory currently available for other guns, but just won't fit, or something that has yet to be invented, but you think would be the perfect match to the P99, let us know about it!

From the simplest kind of stuff, to "Q" level spy gear fit for James Bond, feel free to share your thoughts on what you'd love to have for the Walther, but isn't available yet, and don't be afraid to get creative!
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That is a good idea and neat accessories always make our guns more enjoyable. While I carry and sell lots of nice Walther P99 accessories,mags, sights, lasers and lights etc.There are always things we want now and can't have.
My wishes would include
The Insight Techonologies M5 Tac Light. It fits the Smith 99 but not the Walther. They say they are working on it.
A Factory barrel in .357 Sig
A Factory barrel in 10mm { I'm really dreaming on that one }
A Lasermax Guide rod Laser
Novak Bar - dot Night Sights.
That is what I would like to see available now.
We are supposed to see a Compact and .45 caliber model coming at some point.
A second vote for a factory barrel in .357 SIG.
Insight to make their M3 and M5 Tac lights to fit the Walther.
Other than that, the P99 is just about perfect.
Walther did make a prototype P99 in .357 Sig, but it never went into production, and when I asked whether it would, they said no.

Still, this doesn't mean I cannot enjoy my P99s, because I do.
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I think a "Desert Sand" colored frame would be great as well.
I also vote for the barrrel in .357 sig.I've e-mailed bar-sto about it with no responce.Maybe if enough of us wanted one we could get a package dea.What do you think?
Compact P99 with 10 round capacity, like the Glock G26.
Wow, can't believe nobody's mentioned the obvious:

A P99QA in OD Green Frame!

I know this may irritate the guys that have the apparently 4 the Earl had made, but hey, I want one too!

Hmmm... how about 'monochrome' treatments... all OD, all Desert Sand... colored 'T' slide to match frame, same color on backstrap, magazine buttplate, guide rod.
What about a threaded .40 barrel? I have seen them for the 9mm, but not for the .40 . Does such a thing exist yet?
I'll take one of everything Val listed.

I would REALLY like an M3 or M5 though.
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I like the P-99 as designed, however my wish is the removal
of the ugly Smith and Wesson and the Gold roll marks or Laser
lettering on the gun. I like the stamped P99. The gun is most perfect gun for me. As Val suggested a 10MM would be fantastic.
An 8 shot Smith & Wesson 99 in .45 to beat the snot out of the USP compacts, once and for all.
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[b said:
Quote[/b] ]A Factory barrel in 10mm { I'm really dreaming on that one }
Impossible, because the frame is too short for the longer cartridge. Now a large-frame .45/10mm 99 variant might be good enough for me to stop dreaming of 1911's and H&K's.

Oh, and I will second the recommendation for a compact 99.
fear has the same idea as me........
A 99 in .45 acp 8+1...smoooooth!

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I'll second the motion for a compact P99. I love everything about the gun - accuracy, grip feel, etc., but I just want something a little smaller. Until then, my G26 will remain my carry gun of choice.
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