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I'm new to Walther P99's, but I had the opportunity to handle one the other day and I was really impressed. This may be a subject, which has already been discussed on the forum, but can the resident experts tell me what the differences are between the S&W99 and the Walther P99? Are the pistols more or less the same? I've read (or maybe misread) on the "Gadget" forum of this site that some "tactical" lights will fit on one pistol, but not the other. Is this due to differences in frame geometry?



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Differences from memory:

SW99 Has:

- Frame made by Walther to S&W specs, which include different grip stipling (bumps), a fence around the slide release, rounded front trigger guard, and standard "Glock" like accessory rail to take Insight Tech M3 light. Trigger mechanism ONLY offered in SA/DA mode.
- Slide made by S&W and is Stainless Steel finished in Melonite finish
- Slide is the same either for 9mm or 40S&W
- Designed first for .40S&W, so if you compare 9mm barrel, it is thicker and belled at the end.
- Slide has serrations in front for "press checking"

P99 has:
- Frame with squared trigger guard, more of a hook under rear of slide, and proprietary accessory rail
- Slide is made of 416 carbon steel, finished in Tennifer finish, or the new Titanium finish.
- Trigger is available in DAO, SA/DA or QA
- Designed for 9mm first, .40S&W came later, thus there are differences in slide (.40 is slightly longer and heavier, there are no cutouts at end of the slide on the 9mm)
- Personally, I think the finish is better on the P99s

Others may have more, I don't personally own a SW99, but have read a lot about them.

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