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P99 vs. SW99

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Anyone know any good websites siting the differences between these two pistols? My buddy can't stop running his mouth saying that they are "exactly the same gun"...lol.
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SW99 is Melonite over stainless steel, P99 is Tenifer over steel. The former does have an edge over the latter since they improve the lubricity, wear and corrosion properties of the base material.

Tenifer/Melonite are trade names for the same process (Tufftride is another), all owned by the Dufferit division of the HEF group (not Glock). That's the German division of a French mulit- national corporation. ;)

Considering both are made on CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines to the same specs, doubt it matters as much as some think where the machines are or who pushes the buttons on them... unless you are a union man/woman!? ;)
SW99/40 v P99/40:

Avg of 5 10 shot groups at 25 yds

Fed 135 HS 1200* fps/2.68* v 1192/2.83
Master 150 JHP 1220*/3.38* v 1201/3.50
Rem 165 GS 1173*/2.75 v 1160/2.68*
Black Hills 180 JHP 1005*/2.88 v 999/2.83*
Blazer 180 PHP 949*/2.88 v 941/2.75*
Win 180 JHP 1001*/3.00 v 994/2.88*

Avg SW99/2.92 v P99/2.91

The P99 was more accurate in 4 of 6 loads by a whopping 0.01 inches.

The SW99 was faster in 5 of 6 loads by a humoungus 10.8 fps.

Yeah, there is a helluva difference!

I have two P99s in 9 minimeter BTW. After the NJSP/SW99 fiasco, I just trust Walther more. ;)
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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