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It ain't you!! It ain't the ammo!!!  It is Walther!!!

I had the same problem last year. I had to send it back twice.

I wish I could remember the guy's last name at S&W, but you want to talk to one of their guys in service named Jeff. He is their expert.

Jeff knows all. Anyone else will tell you that they've never heard of this problem.

Henry, you HAVE to send it back. If you carry for self defense, the pistol is totally unreliable until the problem is understood by S&W, and they say, "Oh, ok, we know what it is." And then they say they've fixed it.  Then shoot a thousand rounds to be sure.

The trigger is such that it requires you to let it come alway back to the reset position, but this is not the problem you're experiencing. You have a round in the chamber, as I did, and you pull the trigger  and nothing happens. You can actually push the trigger forward with you finger and it will then reset.

Good luck and let me know if I can help.

I am convinced that people will get hurt and/or die due to this very dangerous problem!!!!!

Henry, until this problem is fixed, you have a single shot pistol at the very best.

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