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Mhmm, I had some extra time on my hands right around 96 when it first came out and was doing a lot of research on firearms at the time.  How they actually work, what's used by military/police, etc...
I'm studying mechanical engineering so I love almost everything about the P99.  The little edges the gun has over (in my opinion) virtually every other gun out there.  I really liked the striker system and lack of protruding parts.  I think the magazine releases, lack of manual safety, and interchangeable backstraps were great.  (Yes I know the first two can be found on other guns too)
But in the end, it's just plain GORGEOUS!  (And made by Walther-- a big plus in my view)
I'm on a student budget and knew I was only going to be able to buy one handgun until I get commissioned so for me it's never been a question which one I would buy.

Oh and regarding TV sightings:  I'm not sure if this is one of the other shows already mentioned but two days ago there was a movie/show (not sure) on SciFi channel with the guy that played Duncan McCloud on the Highlander series and one of the main characters was a black guy trying to kill a vampire (no it's not Blade) and he was using a P99.  
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