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P99 shooting low

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I have been doing a lot of studying of the P99 and have read number of time about it shooing low in both 9mm and .40. I have experienced the P22 and P99 shooting low and this is what made me focus on looking for information. I read a few post were people all experienced the same thing.

I am assuming it's from switching pistols.
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from my personal experience it's an ammo issue :

when shooting S&B 115 gr. FMJ, my P99 shoots about 2" lower than when shooting S&B 140 gr. FMJ subsonic (at 25 yards).

Same gun, same sights, same distance and same shooter ......

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I rented a P99 just yesterday because I’m looking at getting one. I shot low as well. I was using Winchester White Box 115’s. As I went along I got the firing to improve and shot quite decent. My grouping was still good even though I shot low. Like I always say “The pistol shot fine, I just wasn’t doing my job.”
It's been ammo dependent for me in my P22 & P99 9mm.
Re: 9mm, that Wally World 115gr FMJ is cheap, and I've shot a bunch of boxes, but it just isn't accurate for me, and it does tend to be low. Other brands at 124 gr works best for me.
Unless you're using really crappy ammo, the problem is recoil anticipation. I've got it bad when target shooting at the range, especialy because the P99's sights and trigger don't "agree" with me too well.

When I'm plinking or spotlighting rabbits, the recoil anticipation and compensation seems to disapear.
I think the consistency of the Wally World stuff could be to blame. I picked up a fresh box of 100 last week, went to the range, punched out the center of some targets at 50 ft.
Nothing "low" about that particular box.
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