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First post here. I own 2 P99s. One is an older 40 caliber model and the other is a newer 9mm model.

The round count on my 9 is higher than the 40.

I took the 40 out of the safe a few weeks ago and gave it an inspection prior to a range trip. I noticed that after dry firing it and racking the slide while holding the trigger back it fails to go into single action it goes back into double action. It does this whether I dry fire it in single/AS mode or DA mode. If I rack the slide with my finger off the trigger it goes into AS mode. It is coming out of reset where it fails to go into SA mode.

My 9mm has no problem and if I swap the slides the problem follows the frame. I played around with it a little more and I determined that if I rack the slide while applying downward force on the slide it works fine most of the time but if I do not apply that downward force while racking the slide it never goes into SA out of reset while holding the trigger. It is almost like the parts that engage the striker are too low or are worn. I see no signs of excess wear or damage.

Any ideas? Is this covered under warranty? I seem to recall that the Walthers had a short warranty and the SW99 had a lifetime warranty. If not is there some who works on P99s and can sort this out?
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