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P99 Range Report

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All I can say is...Wow! I took my new P99 to the range this morning and put about 250 rounds through it. I was using WWB from Wally World. Not a single hiccup! My 14-yr old son and my neighbor also shot it and were very impressed.

I can't say that I'm a very big fan of the standard sights. I thought they were a little difficult to acquire -- particularly in the dim light at our local indoor range. But I can't really argue with the results! I posted some pics of my targets on my website, here: http://users.adelphia.net/~jimdick/targets.html

I found the fit of the gun in my hand to be VERY comfortable. Interestingly, both my son and my neighbor complained that they had a sore spot on their finger from the trigger. We'll have to investigate more and see how they fire compared to me. I didn't notice it at all.

The AS trigger system was fine with me. The DA isn't nearly as tough as my Ruger and to be honest, I didn't notice the difference between the first SA shot and the next...the extra bit of travel that makes it "AS" didn't register. I found the mag release and the decocker were simple enough to manipulate with just a slight change in grip...something I'm used to with my Sig and Ruger anyway.

All in all, I couldn't be happier with my choice. My son is pretty pleased, too! I can't wait to get back out on the range and get used to her some more!

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[b said:
Quote[/b] (ShipWreck @ Mar. 06 2005,5:58)]That is wierd... I never made the word "new" into red text when I posted that... Damn gremlins are on this site  

I used to have  mini-mag light w/ pressure switch set up on a winchester shotgun with folding stock. That was back in my "mod the hell out of the waepon" phase I had in my 20's. I just sold the thing 2 weeks ago because it was just sitting on the wall...
Nothing red in my window....must be you!

I have to laugh -- I just sold my Mossberg 500 last week. I bought it right after I got my Sig last fall and spent lots of time (and MONEY!) tricking it out for home defense. Got an 18 1/2 in barrel, heat shield with ghost ring sights, Side Saddle for extra shells, a SpeedFeed IV stock/grip, and the TacStar light to mount underneath. After the first 25 rounds (and a HUGE bruise) I knew there was no way my wife would ever be able to handle it. I held onto it and finally sold it last week on GunBroker to finance my P99 purchase. I lost a bunch of money but I had fun doing it. Live and learn! (Although I'm WAY past my 20's...some of us just started late!)

Just for fun, here's a pic of it....
Yes, my Winchester has a metal foldings tock, and I had a hell of a bruise after I took it out the first time and shot it with that stock - and I don't bruise easily...

Here is a couple of pics...

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Hard to beat a shotgun for home defense. You can load it with birdshot to avoid over penetration or with a slug to take out a 300 Lb mofo in a vest. Don't have one yet though.

Check the video clip I posted here http://www.ammotracker.com/video/StoppingPower-vdub2.avi to see the difference in effect between handguns and shotguns.
Too bad -- you could have had mine for a steal!!

Reality in my house was that a shotgun wasn't going to be practical. I still feel more comfortable with one of my handguns and there was no way my 5'3" wife was going to be able to handle the thing. I'll take my chances with some JHP or EFMJ rounds...
Yes, I prefer a handgun for defense in the home as well. And, I hadn't shot mine in many years. It was just collecting dust, and it was a way to get another handgun I wanted w/o having my wife complain too much - hahaha
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I still use a shotgun for home defense. Particularly when I have a bear prowling outside... It just depends on the situation which fire arm I grab... It's good to have an assortment...

The night we were attacked, I tossed my shotgun to my wife. She never had to shoot it (Thank God), but if she had, I wonder if she would have noticed the recoil at the time...

Sure understand what it's like to sell for a loss... I traded two guns for my first Sig... However, I'd do it again...
My wife hates guns and she won't have anything to do with em. I cut my thumb last week, and tried to get her to help me load my mags on my new Beretta before I went to the range. She wouldn't.

Today, I bought some white model paint today to touch up the front sight on my 1911 w/ a comp on it. With the port on the barrel, it slowly gets the front white dot dirty. My hands are not steady enough to do it w/o screwing it up. I am amazed that she did this for me today - it came out perfect.

Usually, though, my wife wants nothing to do with 'em. I have sold many over the years, and she wishes I would sell em all
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I was pleasantly surprised by my wife's reaction to my new "hobby". I even got her to come to the range and try out the P228. She hasn't been back, but that's mostly been a matter of timing. She didn't do too badly her first time out (first time ever shooting a gun.) There's a pic of her target on my web site, here: http://users.adelphia.net/~jimdick/targets.html (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

I'm planning on buying her a Ruger P93 next week from CDNN. At $250, it's a great deal (I love my P89). And if she doesn't like it, it's one more for me!
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Not bad shots. I gotta admit, the Walther was accurate when I shot it at the range... Who knows... Maybe one day...
I think she's really going to like the Walther (she's out of town...she hasn't even seen it yet!) Those were with my Sig P228. They have Hogue finger-groove grips installed, which really makes the grip pretty big. She handled it okay but I think it was too big for her. She's held my Glock and she likes the feel of it better...the Ruger is a non-starter! But I think the Walther will fit her well. I'm hoping the P93 is a good fit, too.
ShipWreck, to bad your wife feels that way. Have her read our story in my profile. If it were not for a gun in the house my entire family would not be here...

Navy87Guy, my wife prefers the Sig 228, that's her gun. She had a Walther PPK/S, but the recoil and cocking the slide was harder for her in that little gun... Hated to trade it, but like we were talking about, had too. She dearly likes her 228 though... My wife also thinks the P99 has more perceived recoil than her 228. I kind of think so too, but it's lighter, and to be expected I suppose...
I just finished reading your profile. That was a bad deal. Glad you made it out alive, and your family too..

I doubt my wife will ever get used to guns.. She is from China, and things are a bit different there...
Thanks! It could have been worse, much worse, if it wasn't for a firearm in the house...

Ok, I see... At least she's tollerant. That speaks well of her...
Yes. when we were first married, she refused to have one in her sight. Now, she will go get it from the next room for me if I ask her (my CCW weapon). But, I think it will be a long time before she will even come to the range to see me shoot
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My wife doesn't like guns either but doesn't mind it too much. She went to the range with me once looking all cute in a leather jacket and everything. That was before going out to a nice dinner because we had a sitter. She did ok on the 40, I have no doubt she could hit a man at 5 yards if she had to. And she's not even 5'3" with slender build. I wouldn't have her shoot the M38 though. That's a bruser for sure.
I took my wife to the range today to try out her new gun (I just bought her a Ruger KP93). While we were there, I had her run through some of my other (Steyr M9, Glock 17 and the P99). She likes the P99 a lot -- although she ended up shooting the KP93 the best out of any of them. I think the heavier gun and the Hogue grips made a big difference for her. But she understands why I love my Walther, now that she's shot it!
(I posted a couple of pics...you can see how my Walther shoots compared to the others near the bottom of the page: http://users.adelphia.net/~navy87guy/targets.html )
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Another range outing last night. I let a buddy try the P99. He liked it a lot -- but he was hooked on my new Ruger GP-100 revolver! That left more time for me and my Walther.

What is it about this gun that makes it so darn comfortable and accurate? Every time I shoot it I fall more and more in love with it. No matter what I do, it finds the target much more accurately than I do! I think the next time out, I'm just going to bring the Walther (I usually bring one or two others) and just concentrate and getting really proficient with it -- strong hand, weak hand, from the draw, from retention. I think I've eliminated all doubt about it being my carry gun -- now I just have to find the right holster for it!

Anyway, I just couldn't resist the urge to preach to the choir about how great the P99 is!

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