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Spooky, seems the going price nowadays is $550, but I've heard of some cases where they're lower.  However, be careful about who you buy from, and what you get.  Be sure to factor in shipping, insurance, and transfer fees.  The $35-or-so bucks you save by buying from an internet merchant (where you have no return privilidges, you can't see what you're getting, and may not be an honorable guy) may be more than consumed in getting the gun to your local FFL!

< soapbox>Shopping for price only, without considering overall value, and the reputation of the dealer, means that the cheapo reseller you buy from today, might not be there tomorrow.  I consider spending a little more to buy from a reputable (preferably local) dealer, with a commitment to our philosophy, to be an investment in our future.  We shouldn't complain about the constant decline in the number of gun resellers, when all we're doing is pinching our own pennies.  We all need to get our heads out of our butts long enough to remember that if we don't make it worthwhile for someone to be in this business, and put food on the table, we'll have nobody to blame when all the resellers go away when they can't make a living, because we're too busy shopping for price only, and it makes it easier for VPC/HCI to do their dirty work.< /soapbox>
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