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P99 QA striker spring range report

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I just want to report my first FTFire since I took six coils off of my striker spring a couple of months ago. I was doing some 25 yard work with my 9mm QA today, using Winchester White box. It was very windy, about 15 mph, and still was able to group in the 4 to 6" range, this is just an awsome firearm!!! Since I was doing careful aiming I was pulling the trigger slowly and had one round out of 100 that failed to fire. I inspected it and there was a primer strike, put it in again and with another slow pull of the trigger, failed again. I recocked and snap pulled the trigger and it fired. This is the first failure in about 400 rounds since I did the modification. Otherwise my QA has been flawless out of the box both before and after the removal of the coils. Thought this might be of interest to those who have and are considering removing coils from their striker spring, happy shooting
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Just out of curiosity (not that I'm planning on doing it), how much of a difference do you notice between the trigger pull pre- and post-modification?

I'm trying to figure a mechanical reason that pulling the trigger rapidly versus slowly would affect how hard the striker hits the primer....since it's all about distance and spring tension. The striker travels back to the same starting position no matter how fast you shoot...which means the same spring pressure. In fact, you might argue that pulling fast could actually reduce striker power, because F=ma and the spring would have to overcome greater rearward force due to the striker moving back faster (although I think that's probably canceled by a positive stop at the back of the travel). What makes you think the speed of the trigger pull had anything to do with the round firing?

I don't have anything like sniper350's real-world experience, but I know that when I was under "simulated stress" during a two-day defensive pistol course, I don't think I ever noticed the DA pull on my Sig, let alone the difference a few coils from the recoil spring would have made. It's sort of the same thing with the "AS" shot on my P99...about the only time I notice that extra bit of trigger travel is when I'm dry firing.

I'm not the adventurous type...I don't think I'll be trying any homemade mods to my carry gun. It works fine, lasts a long time. I think I'll keep it that way!

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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