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P99 QA striker spring range report

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I just want to report my first FTFire since I took six coils off of my striker spring a couple of months ago. I was doing some 25 yard work with my 9mm QA today, using Winchester White box. It was very windy, about 15 mph, and still was able to group in the 4 to 6" range, this is just an awsome firearm!!! Since I was doing careful aiming I was pulling the trigger slowly and had one round out of 100 that failed to fire. I inspected it and there was a primer strike, put it in again and with another slow pull of the trigger, failed again. I recocked and snap pulled the trigger and it fired. This is the first failure in about 400 rounds since I did the modification. Otherwise my QA has been flawless out of the box both before and after the removal of the coils. Thought this might be of interest to those who have and are considering removing coils from their striker spring, happy shooting
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I was afraid of this happening. I would never assume to know better than the manufacturer in matters like this. It’s alright, I suppose if your only going to use the firearm on the range, but if protecting my family is a reason to own the gun, I leave it stock and proven…

There is the possibility that it was simply a “bad” round, with a faulty primer, primer set, or casing… That is not out of the question. More rounds down range will prove that…

Don’t forget that one of the P99’s best features as far as I’m concerned (at least over a Glock) is the second strike capability… Just pull the trigger again! I’d just give it a couple of hits, then call it bad and shuck a new round and keep going! You can look at the round later to determine what’s going on, meantime, it’s a good time to practice “what to do when it don’t go bang!”
Oh yeah! Your right of course! Didnt mean to make an AS of myself.  
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