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P99 QA Died After 500 Rounds

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After 500 rounds through my P99, the pistol started exhibiting a problem whereby the trigger fails to reset every time. This occurs about1 out of 5 times. I can duplicate the problem by dry firing. I can rack the slide. Pull the trigger and hold it. Rack the slide again and many times the trigger will not reset. I can put about 1lb. of pressure on the back of the trigger and it will fall into reset position.

I like this pistol. However, I will probably sell it once I send it back and have Walther repair it.

Maybe I shoulda stayed with Glocks.
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Bummer! Let us know how quickly Walther repairs or replaces, please. What kind of ammo did you use?
was using 115gr blazer practice ammo. after the failure to reset, i switched to other brands with no success.
i hate things that don't work. will send off next week and will advise how this warranty thing works out.
Had the same thing happen to me.  Sent it back to Waltherand they said nothing was wrong.  Sent it back again and they said that there was still nothing wrong.  However, they replaced the striker unit with a brand new one and denied it!  The pistol works great now.  They refused to admit there was a defect but replaced the striker but denied that they repaired it
What year was your p-99s?  I wonder if it was a bad batch or something
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