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Safariland Duty Holster Model Guide from My Experience:

Model # Format: ABCD-WXY(Z)-NNO
A = Type (6 Old Hardshell w/ Suede, 7 New 7TS)
B = ALS (2 No, 3 Yes)
CD = Other Retention and Mount (60 = Mid Ride Duty, 65 Low Ride Duty, 62 High Ride Duty, 95 Low Ride No SLS, etc.) (Mount hardware is easily changeable, paddles, forks, etc. Easy to make a 6360 into a 6365 yourself.)
WXY = Gun Model (84 P99, 384 PPQ, 385 PPQ 5in)
(Z) = Light
NN = Material, Finish, Color (41 STX Plain Black, 13 STX Tactical Plain Black)
O= Hand (1 Right, 2 Left)

Known Options (May be more, use holster finder on site):

P99 SLS/ALS Mid Ride Duty Black STX Plain. (Buttery smooth retention. Snug Fit. Removing the plastic piece in front of trigger and replacing it with some rubber tubing allowed it to work with a PPQ M1's taller frame. P99 Didn't seem to need this piece either.)

Same but listed for PPQ. (Don't have this one. See above.)

PPQ SLS/ALS Midride Duty Black Tactical STX + Light. (Needed some plastic shaving and soft velcro padding, but fits snugly on PPQM1+TLR1HL and P99+TLR1HL. Amazon: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZRYIWFY)

PPQ SLS/ALS Midride Duty Black 7TS. (Don't have this one. Unfortunately no light bearing options for Walther.)
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