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Here is the info from Irv at bar-sto on the .357sig barrelsfor a .40 p99.I especially like the idea of the special engraving.Anyone who is interested e-mail me and I will put the list together.I would be glad to handle this deal or if you have qualms about sending the money to me Val at Gulfstream sports has offered to help.
Mr. Hungate ,

If you were to get an order of maybe 20 we could get the tooling ordered . I could give you dealer price of $ 156.00 per barrel plus shipping . The retail will be 195.00 plus shipping . It would take us about 2 months to get them into production minimum and we would need a deposit of 50% down . We can do a special engraving or something to help you show that these are the first article parts . Let us know .

Thank you ,

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