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I am sure the Com-Tac is excellent. And it is available for many pistols.
Do not overlook the Sidearmor IWB for the P99 with a big sight channel for oversized sights. I am sure Meprolights will wallow in the channel.
The pistol will be as sung as you like with the tension device.
This is a brand new item and may not be listed on the Sidearmor website yet but they are tooled up and can make them if you ask. I cannot speak as to their timetable for getting it made and shipped to you as it is not a routine production item yet. Send them an e-mail (not a French word) and ask.
The IWB holster is Krydex, of course, and has adjustable cant. Available in RH only. Choice of colors (black, tan and I forget)! Hooks or belt loops or wide hooks for ultra concealment. Various width belts - specify yours. There is a shirt-tucker option.
There is a body shield, standard, to prevent rust to the upper slide area, and give more protection against digging in your side by the end of the slide. As you know the Krydex is thin and strong and moisture proof.
For whatever reason the P99 is positioned in such a way in the Sidearmor holster, that it conceals well for such a large pistol. The rounded grips help a lot compared to the blocky Glock grips for example. I also have a Glock and Sidearmor for the Glock. You cannot envision it until you actually try it and watch the P99 grip disappear under your shirt/sweater/fringed vest/motorcycle jacket/Rodeo Drive leather coat/suit of armor, Brooks Brothers three piece suit, Colomblo rumpled top coat.
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