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I have one of these:
It's a pre-2004 9mm AS replica.

The good:
- Size, shape, and looks are very accurate; it fits perfectly into my Blade-Tech holster.
- All the controls are present and have the same functionality: the slide feeds the bb's from the magazine into the chamber, slide catch lever, DA/SA (and safe-action) trigger, mag release, decocker, and cocking indicator all function.
- I think accuracy indoors is about 2in at 7yrds.

The bad:
- Weight is a little low and weight distribution is biased to the handle/magazine instead of the slide.
- Though all the controls are present and functional they all feel different; in general they are much lighter than the real thing, and the DA trigger stacks considerably.
- It shoots very high, so I must sight very low to be accurate.

There are two more review about half way down this page:
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