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p99 holsters for concealed carry?

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seeking recommendations for a quality holster for concealed carry. inside the pants or outside, so long as it's a close fit to the body. either belt loop or clip on style ok, so long as retention/attachment is strong. i wear baggy pants, long shirts, and i'm not a fan of leather holsters. cordura/nylon/etc or rigid plastic preferred. i'm right handed. would like to either carry on the left with grip facing forward or on right with grip rearward. carry on my left front for crossdraw ok too. any brand/model, distributor, catalog etc suggestions?

(anyone have experience with www.smartcarry.com?)
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I have a new SmartCarry holster.  I thought about getting one for about a year (maybe longer) but I just wasn't sure.  I now like it very much and have been using it daily since I've had it.

I also have a Ky-Tac BraveHeart holster for my P99s that I've had for a couple of months.  It's very nice and well made, but to be honest, I haven't used it very much.

(I REALLY like the SmartCarry)
Comp-Tac Undercover.
Thin, comfortable, Kydex IWB for the P99.
I use a FIST kydex IWB and am very happy with it.  The way the belt loops mount onto the holster is adjustable, so you can adjust the cant to suit your taste; from setting it up for cross draw to extreme forward cant.  It also holds the gun VERY close to your body for excellent concealment.  You can also buy OWB adapters and switch them out, making this a very versitle holster (truthfully, though, I had both adapters when I had one for my Sig 225 and mainly used the IWB.  When I got the one for the P99, I just bought the IWB and got a Fobus for OWB.  While it is possible to switch from IWB to OWB, sometimes its just easier and faster to have another holster!).  Their website is HERE  

Pictures of the one I had for my P225 are still online from when I sold it (I sold the P225 to buy the P99!  Didn't need the holster after that...)  Although I sold the holster, the page is still up so you can see some detailed shots if you want HERE
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I use an Uncle Mike's #15 for SOB and 8 o'clock carry (I'm left handed) and use the Smart Carry. Both hold the weapon fine, especially if the clothes are loose. I like the Uncle Mike's since I have to take in on and off so often (civilian reg's) and the Smart Carry is good when there is nothing loose to hide the waist carry.
i now have a comp-tac "pro" undercover model holster and am happy with it. the pro model isn't yet featured on the comp-tac web site, but it's similar to the regular undercover, with a larger belt clip instead of just the j-hook. small, light, sleek plastic (kydex), adjustable hold.
The Comp-Tac Undercover is great isn't it?
I wear mine under just a T-shirt, and its almost impossible to see. It's also very comfortable for an IWB, I like it better than my Milt Sparks SS2.
I'm unclear how the comp tac undercover is different from the shirt tucker? anyone know. thanks.
My Comp-Tac Undercover (for my Glock 33) does NOT have the shirt tucking capability.  I don't know what the Comp-Tac Undercover "Pro" is.
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